Dutch girl ages 12 years in 2 minutes

Dutch girl ages 12 years in 2 minutes

Dutch Filmmaker Frans Hofmeester spent the past 12 years seizing every single moment of his daughter Lotte with a video camera.

You can watch Lotte grow from a full-cheeked infant to a 12-year-old girl in less than three minutes, thanks to Hofmeester’s video “Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45.”

Hoffmeester filmed his daughter once a week, every week, since her birth in October 1999. As she was about to enter adolescence, he decided it was time to share this visual history of his daughter’s growth with the world.

He strung the videos together and sped them up, creating a time-lapse video of sorts that has gone viral on the Internet. In the last week it has racked up close to 2 million views on Vimeo and YouTube.

Frans Hofmeester said he decided to share the video with the world now because Lotte is entering puberty. “She’ll be changing a lot over the coming years, but primarily on the inside,” he said.

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