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Dutch Google ads shows cheaper Mac minis, MacBooks and iMacs

Dutch Google searches revealed some interesting ads this weekend. Dutch Google ads showed new and cheaper Mac minis, thinner white MacBooks and iMacs. Similar results where reported in Italian, German, Austrian and Belgium Google searches.

Dutch-based Google AdSense ads appear to have prematurely revealed new Apple iMacs, entry level white MacBooks and Mac minis.

The ads, now mostly removed from Google searches, appeared over the weekend, highlighted by AppleInsider, the website suggesting “thinner iMacs, redesigned polycarbonate MacBooks with thinner, sleeker enclosures, and speed-bumped Mac minis,” could be revealed sooner than later, even as early as this month.

The ads revealed a “faster and more affordable than ever,” Mac mini “from only €499,” a €100 saving on the current cheapest price.

Alongside the Mac mini, the white MacBook was listed as “thinner, lighter and stronger,” according to some translations – “Dunner, lichter en krachtiger! Gratis bezorging. Bestel vandaag” on the Belgium version of Google – while the new iMac was described as “ultra thin,” starting from €1099.

The new offerings are also expected to be accompanied by redesigns of the company’s Mighty Mouse and Apple Remote, as well as aluminum wireless keyboards.