Dutch Government Websites No Longer Secure

Dutch Government Websites No Longer Secure

The Dutch government can no longer guarantee the security of its websites. This means, for instance, that the Internet identification site DigID is no longer reliable, which Dutch residents use for government services.

The Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner has given a press conference in the early hours of Saturday morning to indicate the urgency of the problem.

There is doubt about the reliability of Government sites because the Dutch internet security company DigiNotar appears to have been hacked on July 19, compromising its security guarantees for “a number of domains, including Dutch Government Websites.

DigiNotar is a company that offers security certificates for the “SSL” cryptographic protocol to guarantee that communications between a user’s browser and a website are private.

The Government sites will remain online, otherwise the internet traffic will be too much disturbed. Visitors to the sites will be warned that the sites are not secure.

All Dutch government sites, including DigiD, social benefit agencies and the UWV make use of these certificates. Now the Dutch government has announced measures to hand over control of internet security to a different company, which may take a few days, according to the minister.

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