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Most Dutch People Happy

Nine out of ten Dutch people of twenty years and older were happy or satisfied with their lives last year.

A new poll conducted by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) finds that Dutch citizens are generally happy with their lives.

According to researcher Jan Latten, these happy numbers are fairly constant for years. “It’s about personal happiness,” he explains. “The question is not whether people are satisfied with the society.”

The share of happy and satisfied Dutch people among those who have just divorced or have lost a partner, is substantially lower than average. From this group, only seven out of ten are happy or satisfied. After five years, the pain appears to have been worn and committed this group is again not just the numbers of divorced or widowed people. Moreover, women have on average more time than men.

People who just married are happier with their lives than the average citizen – 95% say they are happy with life. But within a year, newlyweds are back at the national average.