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11.5 million Dutch go on holiday

Many Dutch people will leave for their holiday this summer this year. Dutch travel association ANWB expects about 11.5 million Dutch people will go on summer vacation one week or longer, this year, same as last year.

According to the association, many Dutch tourists still need to plan their holiday, but they prefer a holiday closer to home because of the uncertain economic times.

Approximately 3.5 million Dutch tourists choose to go on holiday in their home country, according to the association. Nearly eight million people will go abroad on holiday.

France remains the undisputed most popular abroad destination for summer holidays, followed by Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Popular tourist destinations this year compared to previous years are Croatia (plus 23 %), Turkey (up 12 %), Belgium (up 10 %), Britain (plus 8 %) and Germany (up 8 %). The biggest performers this year include the flying vacations to the Mediterranean Sea.

The number of car holidays this summer is the same as last year with 4.4 million holidays by car.