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Dutch horticultural sector accounts for 125 thousand jobs

The Dutch horticultural sector accounted for 125 thousand jobs in 2010, i.e. 1.4 percent of total employment in the Netherlands. Horticultural enterprises accounted for 94 thousand jobs and suppliers for 31 thousand jobs according to Statistics Netherlands.

Employment in the horticultural sector and its suppliers has remained fairly stable over the period 2005-2010. There were 125 thousand jobs in 2010 versus 126 thousand in 2005. The number of jobs in the horticultural sector fell by nearly 8 thousand; more than 6 thousand jobs went to companies supplying products and services, e.g. contract workers, machinery and equipment.

Employment in the horticultural sector accounted for approximately 94 thousand jobs in 2010. With 18 thousand jobs, vegetable cultivation under glass accounted for most jobs in the sector, followed by tree nurseries and flower cultivation under glass (14 thousand jobs each).

Horticulture accounted for 11 thousand jobs in other parts of the agricultural sector, mainly agricultural services (contract workers). They hire out personnel and specialist machinery and equipment on a temporary basis. In the sector business services, 8 thousand people (temp workers, consultants, auditors) were employed in horticulture-related jobs. Approximately 1 thousand people were employed in horticulture-related jobs in the energy sector.

The number of horticulture-related jobs in the sectors agriculture and business services increased in the period 2005-2010 as the horticultural sector employed more contract workers and temp workers.