Dutch hotel prices above average

Dutch hotel room rates in the Netherlands increased, while hotel prices in other European cities decreased by 3% to an average of 116 Euros compared with last month.

Room rates in Amsterdam reached their annual limit in June with 168 Euro. According to the Hotel Price Index by hotel price comparison organization Trivago.nl publish monthly.

In the month of June, a night in a standard double room in a European metropolis costs on average 116 Euros.

The hotel room prices decreased at the beginning of the season compared to the previous month (120 Euros) with 3%.

Even in popular destinations such as Rome (155 Euros) and Istanbul (121 euro) guest pay 11% less than a month earlier.

It is the first time in 2010 that there is a decrease in hotel room prices.

But while the rates in major European cities such as Brussels (96 Euros) and Milan (111 Euros) are at the lowest point of the year, the costs are rising in Amsterdam by 10% from last month.

In other Dutch cities, we also see higher hotel costs. The average price for a standard double room in the Netherlands in June is 123 Euros, and makes The Netherlands above the European average.

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