Dutch household wealth down 12% in 1 year

Dutch household wealth down 12% in 1 year

The average Dutch family’s household net worth declined 12% between 2011 and 2010, Statistics Netherlands said Tuesday.

The personal capital of households in the Netherlands has further declined. On 1 January 2011, the median household capital was 29 thousand euro versus 33 thousand euro early 2010, a decline by 12 percent.

Personal capital households down due to home value depreciation
Early 2010, the capital of households was below the level of one year previously. The loss was largely due to a reduction in the value of privately-owned residential property. Nearly six in ten Dutch households own the home they live in.

Early 2011, the median value of privately-owned homes was 233 thousand euro versus 237 thousand euro early 2010. The mortgage debt increased from 156 thousand euro in 2010 to 160 thousand euro in 2011. Other debts also increased, from 37 to 42 thousand euro

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