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Dutch households spent 1 thousand euros on sport in 2010

In 2010, spending on sports accounted for 1 percent of GDP according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands. Per Dutch households, an average of more than 1 thousand euros is annually spent on sports activities and watching sports.

With a value added of 5.4 billion euros, the sports economy in the Netherlands accounted for 1 percent of the GDP in 2010, the same share as in 2006 and 2008. The government, the private sector and individuals all make contributions to the sports economy, covering everything that deals with practising, watching and facilitating sports and sports events. In 2010, 150 thousand persons (1.7 percent of all working people) were employed in sports-related jobs.

Average household spending on sports 1 thousand euros
Household spending on sports in the Netherlands totalled approximately 7.5 billion euros in 2010, i.e. more than 1 thousand euros per household. One third is spent on subscription and training fees for sports and fitness clubs; 14 percent (more than one billion euros) was spent on food and drinks in sports canteens and overnight stays in hotels of spectators of sports events. In addition, Dutch households bought 840 million euros worth of sportswear and spent about the same amount on sports equipment, sports bikes and sailing boats.

Less spent on food, drinks and overnight stays in hotels
Overall household spending on sports was 7 percent up in 2010 from 2006. The increase equals the inflation rate over that period. Spending on sports and fitness services and sportswear rose by more than 14 and nearly 13 percent respectively. Spending on food and drinks in sports canteens and sports-related overnight stays in hotels, on the other hand, declined by more than 11 percent.