Dutch households to face 6% rise in energy bills

Dutch households to face 6% rise in energy bills

Dutch households had to pay 6 percent more for electricity in the first quarter of 2012, while for large-scale business users prices fell in the same period. The price of natural gas has risen by around 10 percent in the last year, for both households and business users. Households now pay twice as much as large scale business users for electricity and gas, according to Statistics Netherlands.

The average price per gigajoule of natural gas fluctuates substantially from quarter to quarter. This is particularly the case for households, who use natural gas mainly to heat their homes. In the winter the average price is lower than in the summer. Households are charged a fixed rate and variable rates, which are connected with their use. The fixed part of the unit price decreases as consumption increases.

Households pay twice as much for electricity as large-scale business users. The average price per kilowatt hour of electricity does not fluctuate much from quarter to quarter, however, for either large-scale users or households. Unlike natural gas, electricity is hardly ever used for heating.

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