Dutch invention supplies Spanish clubs with energy

Dutch invention supplies Spanish clubs with energy

The Sustainable Dance Club is present in all 30 events of the 40 Hot Mix tour with the energy generating Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF). The SDF is the first and most effective energy-generating floor, which can convert the energy produced by dancing into electricity. A Dance Floor of 64 energy-generating modules is being installed in all clubs of the tour, and cities take part in a competition during which they battle to generate most energy during the night.

Los 40 Principales is a Spanish Radio station founded in 1966 with a specialization in Pop, Pop-rock and House music. The Radio station is listened by millions of people every day and it has local stations in every region of Spain from Madrid to Huesca. In the beginning of the year 2012, 40 Principales organizes a 40 Hot Mix tour which includes 30 amazing shows in different cities of Spain. The tour starts on January 19th in Madrid and the last show is held in Salamanca on April 27th.

The famous radio DJ’s Álvaro Reina and Edu Naranjo encourage party goers to generate as much energy as possible on the Sustainable Dance Floor to charge a huge battery. Once the battery is fully loaded the dance floor is charged and the visitors are rewarded with a Supernova explosion!

The 40 Hot Mix radio show is a very successful program with an impressive amount of listeners. The tour doesn’t only reach the spectators of the live events, but also the listeners of Los 40 Principales Radio station and the 40 Hot Mix show in every corner of Spain.

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