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Dutch iPhone app is a goldmine

The 20-year-old Delft Topstudent Dennis Stevense has developed a brilliant iPhone application, which has already been downloaded more then 10000 times. Meanwhile, many large companies prey on his idea and money is no issue in his student life any more.

The student created a rage with the iPhone app ‘Trein‘, which flawlessly calculates train delays. The program makes use of the information provided via the Dutch NS website. “I deliberately asked no permission, so they could not forbid me,” said Dennis. “Afterwards they were not happy.”

The iPhone application is now in the top 20 best-selling programs in the iPhone store. “I earn euro 1.45 per app sold. The student does not comment on how many are exactly sold. But the earnings of the program is certainly not bad, “he grins.

The creative talent of the Dutch student has not gone unnoticed by the major Dutch companies. “I get an email every month if I want to work anywhere,” said Dennis. It leaves him cold. He has different plans. As he is starting a company that specializes in developing programs for mobile devices like the iPhone.