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Dutch jets intercepted Russian bombers flying in Dutch airspace

Two Dutch fighter jets of the airbase Leeuwarden intercepted two Russian planes this afternoon. The Russian planes flew into Dutch NATO airspace without identifying themselves.

Danish F16 fighters were scrambled to monitor the same Russian Bear T-95 Bombers that came close to its territory in the latest show of air power by the Kremlin. At the border of the area where the Netherlands is responsible for in NATO, the Dutch F-16s went in pursuit.

The Russian planes flew northwest of Leeuwarden to England, after which the RAF took over the supervision.

It is not unusual for Russian military aircraft to fly without identifying into the so-called area of responsibility over the Netherlands. The Dutch jet fighters are on standby 24 hours a day to defend the skies over the Netherlands.

In case of a warning of an unknown aircraft they are in the sky within a few minutes to intercept intruders. Their commands are given by NATO’s military command and control center for traffic and New Millingen.