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Dutch kids are the happiest in Europe

Dutch children have the best lives of all children living in industrialised countries, according to new research by Unicef Germany, quoted by news agency ANP.

Dutch children have been rated the most fortunate children in Europe. Their parents go out of their way to please them, and teachers expect less of them than some of their European counterparts.

The German researchers studied children in 21 industrialised countries on the basis of six criteria: material wealth, health, education, relationships, safety and their own feelings of luck. The Netherlands has come top of a league table for child well-being across 21 industrialised countries.

Swedish and Finnish children were in second and third place. American children were bottom of the list where boys and girls are the most negative about their current situation and future possibilities.

Surveys by Britain’s Child Poverty Action Group, Unicef International and the World Health Organisation have all reached similar conclusions about Dutch children.

This is the second time Dutch children ranked happiest in Europe.

The happiest children
1 Netherlands
2 Sweden
3 Finland
4 Norway
5 Spain
6 Switzerland
7 Denmark
8 Germany
9 Belgium
10 Poland
11 Ireland
12 Czech Republic
13 Portugal
14 Austria
15 France
16 Italy
17 Canada
18 Greece
19 Hungary
20 Great Britain
21 United States

Source: Unicef