Dutch kids have become better at calculating and language

Dutch kids have become better at calculating and language

Dutch children in 4th and 8th grade of the primary school are now improved in language and calculation when we compare to a couple years ago.

That was the result from a research which was published today by Cito. The annual research has been established after the performances of students were according to the cabinet in 2008, below standard.

The research included calculation which was about measuring, division, percentages and more. On all components the students from 8th grade improved in their performance. At language the largest progress was made in the word guessing. For the first time little girls from the 8th grade performed as well as boys. Also, for reading improvement was seen at the components of understanding and orthography. Children of the 4th grade only calculation have shown some improvement.

The performances of calculation and language are mapped each year Cito. That is happening since 2008 and this was the third time, because the previous cabinet had announced that the results of these teaching professions should be raised, communicates the Trouw.

It seems that the extra focus has made 2,000 schools in the field of calculation and language show improvement. Though, according to the research workers, it is still too early for far-reaching conclusions. Still, they speak of a ‘ positive trend’.

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