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Dutch King Spells Out Government’s Plans for the Year Ahead

Dutch King Willem-Alexander addressed the joint session of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament today and set out the main features of government policy for the coming parliamentary session.

The Netherlands is back among the leading economies of Europe. The Dutch economy will grow by 2.0% this year, and 2.4% next year. The deficit is continuing to decrease, and unemployment is falling. The recovery is broadly based; this year consumer spending is increasing, as well as exports and investments. In the 2016 Budget Memorandum, the government has ensured that as many people as possible can benefit from the recovery while continuing its reforms aimed at creating more jobs, sustainable growth and healthy public finances. Next year, the government has decided to reduce the tax burden on labour, make purchasing power more equitable, raise spending on healthcare and defence, and continue to implement the reforms already introduced.

On, you can read the summary of the Budget Memorandum, the press release and the key statistics and also the press release of the tax plan, and learn more about Prince’s Day.

Want to read more about Prince’s Day and the art of budgeting? You can find the official documents on and (in Dutch).

On Budget Day (Prince’s Day), on the third Tuesday in September, the Dutch government announces its plans for the coming year. The King travels in the Golden Coach to the Hall of Knights in The Hague where he reads the Speech from the Throne. Later that day, the Minister of Finance presents the National Budget and the Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives in the ceremonial briefcase.

The Speech from the Throne

King Willem-Alexander presides over the state opening of the Senate and the House of Representatives (the States General) on Budget Day.

This entails giving the Speech from the Throne in the Hall of Knights. The speech contains the government’s main plans for the coming year.

On Budget Day, King Willem-Alexander travels in the Golden Coach from Noordeinde Palace to the Binnenhof via Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

Queen Wilhelmina was given the Golden Coach in 1890 by the people of Amsterdam. She used it for the first time on the occasion of her wedding in 1901. The Golden Coach has been used on Prince’s Day since 1903. The Golden Coach was also used for the weddings of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard (1937), Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus (1966), Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima (2002) and the christening of Princess Beatrix in 1938.