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Dutch language spam popular in 2010

Not Chinese, Spanish or French is the most common language after English in spam emails, but Dutch. According to research by computer security company Symantec.

Between November 2009 and October 2010 this year, the percentage of English-language spam has dropped from 95.4 percent to 89 percent. In the same time, the percentage of non-English language spam has risen from 2.5 percent to 5.3 percent.

Despite the fact that only 27 million people who speak Dutch, Dutch-spam is very popular. No less than 1.3 percent of all spam mails sent in October was in Dutch. That may sound like much, but because in 2010 an average of 92.9 billion spam emails per day were sent out, there are quite a few. 77 percent of these emails were sent through so-called botnets, or networks of computers infected with malware.

The relatively high percentage of spam in Dutch is partly explained by the fact that the Netherlands is responsible for a large proportion of spam emails sent. In November, our country was still in third place in the top ten spam senders.