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Dutch leads new European climate research

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) will lead a major climate Research in Europe of extremes in weather and climate, according to the Dutch meteorological institute.

KNMI, with its international data center will coordinate a major research of extremes in weather and climate change in Europe. De Bilt launched the new European Program EURO4M – European Reanalysis and Observations for Monitoring.

The research combines an enormous amount of observations of weather stations and satellites from eight countries. The purpose of the study is to map climate change in Europe in more detail. “The European Union will need this information to make policy choices,” said KNMI.

EURO4M, a 4 year project, is the European contribution of a global initiative to improve monitoring weather and climate extremes. This program is aimed to meet the growing need for current information on the condition of the environment.

The KNMI has previously been in charge of European research and created detailed data about climatological time series of weather stations across Europe. The database is unique in the world. The data is freely accessible through and can be used to determine changes in various weather and climate extremes.

The new program EURO4M is a follow-up that will monitor climate change in Europe better than ever. The program is coordinated by KNMI researcher Albert Klein Tank.