Dutch Leave Koreans for Dust with their Smartwatch Design

Dutch Leave Koreans for Dust with their Smartwatch Design

In a few weeks’ time Samsung will introduce its highly anticipated smartphone-watch, the Galaxy Gear. Although the Koreans crossed the finish line before their biggest competitor, Apple, they failed to come in first.

Burg, a Dutch manufacturer, launched its first smartwatches over four years ago. In 2009, its first design was instantly awarded first prize for most innovative product

Founder Hermen van den Burg, an award-winning designer from the Netherlands, now has his office situated in Guangzhou, China, where his company has established a factory, research center and showroom. Burg manufactures a variety of smartwatches for men, women and children, sporting a trendy, casual or athletic look. Prices range from $149 to $399.

What makes the Dutch smartwatch, designed by Burg, superior to Samsung’s and Apple’s designs is that Burg watches carry a regular SIM card, thus making the watch a fully featured, independently functioning phone. Its rivals, however, all still require a Bluetooth connection between the watch and the phone. In other words, without the connection, these are just ordinary watches; and there’s hardly anything smart about that.

Burg’s mission is to use Dutch design to produce fun, useful and original smartwatches and related products that change both the watch industry and people´s lifestyles.

SOURCE Burg Smart Watch

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