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Increase in Dutch manufacturers stocks slows down

In June 2011, manufacturers’ stocks of finished products were nearly 8 percent up on June 2010.

Growth still was substantial, though marginally below the level of the preceding two months, according to Statistics Netherlands. The index stocks of finished products (2005=100) stood at 104.3 in June, versus 105,4 in May.

The Business Sentiment Survey for the Manufacturing Industry provides a first indication for further development of the index stocks of finished products. In this survey, manufacturers are invited to define their current stocks of finished products as too large (negative), normal, or too small (positive) in relation to projected sales. These results are available two months earlier than data on stocks of finished products.

In August, manufacturers’ opinions on their stocks improved marginally, but manufacturers evaluating their stocks as too large still clearly outnumbered those evaluating their stocks as too small.

The balance of positive and negative answers was -6 in August, as against -7 in July. In July the figure had reached the lowest level in more than two years.