Dutch Miss Tourism Queen 2009

Franca Nieuwenhuijs, a Dutch 20-year-old beauty from Spijkenisse, leaves next Friday for a month to China to represent the Netherlands in the election of Miss Tourism Queen International 2009.

The expectations from the Dutch Beauty are high at the international level. Franca and Miss Tourism Queen Turkey Sevtap Ergec trained and prepared themselves for the international election the past two weeks.

This promising brunette has everything in the store to represent the Netherlands at Miss Tourism Queen International 2009, she has the looks, brains and body. In everyday life, Franca is a tv host for music channel TMF and professional model.

Together with dozens of other countries, to a record 120 countries and hence the largest election, they go a very busy time response.

The competition will start on August 8th in Shanghai and will tour though China, with many official visits where Miss Tourism Queen of The Netherlands, Franca can show what the Netherlands as a small European country has to offer.

Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr. Charlie See. Since 1949, there have been more than 80 countries occasionally holding this competition for their Miss Tourism National Queen. In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition in Sri Lanka, and later in USA, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries as well. Miss Tourism Queen International contests has been held in China for six years from 2004 to 2009.

Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 will be brought forward from 7th August to the 30th August which will be held in Zhengzhou, China.

Over 110 beauties around the world will travel to exciting China, where they will compete as tourism ambassadresses for their respective countries.

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