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Share of Dutch movies in cinemas doubled

Dutch movies reach a market share of 20% in the Netherlands.

Dutch movies are relatively successful in their domestic market. The market share in 2011 is 20%. In the first eight months of this year, Dutch inhabitants bought 4,7 million tickets for Dutch movies. The Dutch association for cinema exploiters (NVB) has confirmed the figures.

The amount of Dutch films that has been released is not increasing. This means that the films that have been released generate more viewers per title than previous years. The movie `Gooische Vrouwen` (`Women from the area The Gooi`) was the best grossing Dutch movie so far. It attracted 1,9 million visitors. Other blockbusters were `Sonny Boy` and the thriller `Loft`. Both titles attracted around half a million visitors.

NVB concludes that Dutch movies can reach an-all time high market share this year. Next autumn a couple of promising titles will be released, including `Old Stars: All Stars 2`, `Nova Zembla` and two thrillers: `De Bende van Oss` (`The Gang of Oss`) and `De Heineken Ontvoering` (The abduction of Heineken`).