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Dutch multinationals help Red Cross in natural disasters

Over 25,000 employees of two Dutch companies will be helping the Red Cross to raise funds to help the victims of natural disasters. The two companies involved are the dairy company, FrieslandCampina, and the heavy lifting and transport business, Mammoet. When a disaster occurs, the employees can create their own fundraising events, such as an auction or a sponsored walk, via a new online platform. In doing so, they can make a direct contribution to fundraising for the Red Cross’ emergency aid programme. The platform has a direct link to social media, allowing employees to promote their event quickly and easily within their own network.

The Disaster Relief Partner Programme enables the participating companies to support the Red Cross directly in providing emergency aid when natural disasters strike. Companies get involved a few times a year if necessary. This could be for a major disaster or for a silent disaster that rarely makes headline news.

Launched May 28
The partner programme will be launched today. Jeroen den Tex, Director of Marketing and Fundraising at the Red Cross, ‘We are delighted to have thousands of new ambassadors at FrieslandCampina and Mammoet. We hope that other companies will follow their good example.’

Invest in preperation
FrieslandCampina and Mammoet are also investing in preparations for the relief work of the Red Cross so that in emergencies, aid workers are ready to deploy straight away. This involves training volunteers, preparing logistics and having the financial means ready to be at the site of a disaster as quickly as possible. When disaster strikes, every second counts.

Acute emergency aid
Globally, an average of 200 million people are affected by disasters every year. More than 300 natural disasters occur annually. The Red Cross saves lives and eases the suffering of victims of natural disasters by providing shelter, water, food, clothing and medical care. Providing acute emergency aid is one of the key roles of the Red Cross.