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All Dutch first names online

All Dutch first names will be published online on Thursday, according to the Meertens Institute.

In the Dutch First Names Database (NVB) are 500,000 first names that are used in the Netherlands. The Meertens Institute is a research institute that deals with the study and documentation of Dutch language and culture.

With each name indicating the number of persons named in the Netherlands, men and women, and whether the name is used as a first name or as a second or subsequent names.

The website also shows the popularity of each name since 1880. Interested to see if a name is emerging, what and where the most popular name, or that the name is already out of favor. Also, the proliferation of the given name, based on the entire population in 2006, city of birth. For 20,000 names is an explanation and declaration available. Parents can see on the website or a name in the Netherlands already accepted what the declaration of a name easier.

If some academic studies are correct, a name can have consequences for a person’s job, residency and even school grades. There is a lot of consideration because their child will have to have their name for the rest of their lives.

The NVB is a supplement to the Dutch Family Database, which was launched last year.