Dutch net ready for future

The Netherlands is already prepared for the “Internet applications of tomorrow”.

The Netherlands is one of the fourteen countries around the world ready for “the Internet of tomorrow.” Moreover, the Netherlands in the top ten with quality Internet.

The annual report, commissioned by network giant Cisco, looks at how well countries are doing in terms of both quality and penetration of net services.

The Netherlands is ranked 7th out of 72 countries and South Korea is once again ranked first.

The annual study, conducted by the University of Oxford’s Said Business School and the University of Oviedo in Spain looks at a range of factors, including both the number of homes to have broadband and the quality of the services.

Quality, for the purposes of the study, encompasses the speed of the connection and the latency – the amount of time it takes data to arrive at a machine.

In the Netherlands, the average broadband speed of almost 15 Mbps. In 2009 this was more than 11.2 and 7.6 in 2008. But the Netherlands dropped this year on the list, six from place to place seven. According to the researchers, is due to the fact that more countries are included in the survey of 2010. The average global upload speed currently is just 1.7Mbps.

The number 1 in the world is South Korea with an average speed of 34 Mbps. In addition, all residents have access to fast Internet. The Netherlands ‘only’ 85 percent had access.

World wide fourteen countries are already prepared for the “Internet applications of tomorrow”, such as high definition Internet TV and high quality video communications services (consumer telepresence) which are expected to become mainstream in just a few years time. These countries are: South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Finland, Romania, Lithuania, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Portugal, Denmark and Iceland. This is up from nine countries in 2009 and just one in 2008 (Japan). Nevertheless, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Lithuania have limited penetration rates compared to the others.

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