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Dutch newspapers launch iPad apps

Could iPad save the newspaper industry? That’s what a number of publishing moguls are hoping. So it’s interesting to see the strategies of several Dutch newspapers that have launched iPad apps.

iPad is a breakthrough platform for newspapers and magazines, allowing publishers to do more than they ever could before. See how companies are changing the way you interact and experience news content with the new news apps and taking full advantage of Multi-Touch technology on the iPad.

De Telegraaf HD app is free, and offers a mixture of daily news, feature article picks, market data and videos.

NU HD app for iPad offers “a limited selection” of news, opinion and features, along with photos and videos, an offline reading mode, and the ability to share stories via email. The app is free and advertising supported.

NRC Handelsblad for the iPad sells for €0.79. It too includes daily news, sharing options and an offline reading mode. The first edition is free but readers are going to pay € 12,50 per month for a digital subscription.

If you’re a news junkie, the iPad could be the perfect way to get your fix.

One thing we’ve noticed: these apps all stick with the design of the print editions, rather than doing something new and interactive in a different way.