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Dutch office of the future, with a ban on toilet paper

Dutch office of the future, with a ban on toilet paper

As one the most paperless offices in the Netherlands, technology company Decos has even removed toilet paper from its high-tech office. The company also develops and uses its own solutions to remove any need for paper products, such as iPad app Minute for paperless meetings.

Located in a space science park, Decos technology company is so committed to environmental sustainability that it has removed all paper from its office – and toilets aren’t the exception. Instead, its 60+ employees use Geberit Aqua Clean “shower toilets”, doing their part to reduce the 27,000 trees that are cut down every day just to serve the world’s toilet paper needs.

This is just one of the ways Decos has removed paper from its futuristic office. Using technology, it has found a way to replace all paper products you’d usually find in an office:

– Meetings are officially “paperless”, instead they are organised and notes taken/shared using the Minute app for iPads
– E-signature used for contracts
– Documents stored in a digital management system
– Business cards are banned
– Letters are sent back, Decos demands digital communication

The company’s paperless commitment means that Decos saves over 16 trees per year. Its climate-friendly policies don’t stop there, though – the Decos office is entirely powered by green energy from wind farms, plus it buys electric vehicles for its fleets.

Decos Office Inside

At the moment, the company is turning its attention to building robots, developing machine learning products, and launching new collaboration tools such as the Minute app that help other companies digitalise and go paperless.

Decos launched Minute to make meetings more effective and replace notepads. It lets users collaborate, share and manage their meetings in real time anywhere they have an internet connection. By organising and streamlining meetings, Minute helps companies cut down on the 31 hours that average office workers spend per month in unproductive meetings.

Sitting in the Decos office, the Minute team fully supports the “paperless policy”: “We don’t miss paper at all,” Minute Managing Director Roel Noort said. “Not only have we implemented technology services that replace all need for paper, but, in doing so, we’ve actually increased the efficiency, organisation, and sustainability of our company. For example, we developed Minute so that any company that shares our vision can get one step closer to a paperless policy, while also making it easier for them and their teams to effectively work together during meetings.”