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“Dutch Oprah” LINDA Partners With Layar to Showcase the Future of Print

Layar, the largest open platform for mobile augmented reality (AR) and LINDA, the largest women’s glossy in the Netherlands, showcase the future of print by creating the first Dutch augmented magazine, showing infotainment and commerce to be a natural fit with augmented reality.

On more than 50 pages inside this month’s edition of Linda magazine, additional content is added in the form of digital buttons. This digital content can be revealed using a Smartphone. In total, 120 digital buttons are placed throughout the magazine linking to specific websites, videos, app stores and phone numbers.

Jildou van der Bijl, co-editor in chief of LINDA magazine: “It is part of LINDA’s DNA to constantly look for new ways to innovate. Now with Layar it’s possible for the first time to make a real connection between print and digital without the ugly QR-codes in your magazine. Layar adds an extra layer with groundbreaking opportunities for readers and advertisers bringing the magazine alive. It’s so much fun to see a pair of wonderful shoes in your favorite magazine and be able to buy them by pressing a button on your phone.”

Layar created a promotional video to show how LINDA magazine is brought to life with augmented reality, as well as a PDF document enabling anyone to view LINDA’s digital content with Layar.

“We are thrilled LINDA wanted to work with us and use Layar,” said Claire Boonstra, Layar co-founder. “Not just because it is a great magazine, but it proves what we said with the launch of Layar Vision: this is a utility that generates value for brands, retailers and online merchants by making physical items interactive.”

Two other partners launch this month with Layar. Do-it-Yourself US magazine MAKE, published by O’Reilly Media, enriched its latest issue with digital buttons enabling readers to view video content, click to sites with additional information or subscribe to the magazine. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature uses Layar to activate the audience in their latest social awareness campaign, ‘Pass on the Earth’. By scanning an augmented postcard people can share the message and show support on Facebook and Twitter.

Layar is available for download in the App Store and Android Market and is already installed on more than 10 million mobile devices, offering brands and publishers an extensive reach across multiple platforms.

About Layar
Layar is the world’s leading mobile augmented reality platform with over 10 million installs, 10,000 developers and the largest content catalogue with more than 3,000 layers. Layar brings impactful augmented reality experiences into people’s everyday lives. Layar was named as a 2011 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, a Disruptive Innovator at the 2010 Deloitte Fast50 awards, and received a Meffy Mobile Entertainment Award 2010 for Technology Innovation.

Layar is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company was founded in June 2009.

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