Dutch People Are Jealous

Dutch People Are Jealous

Dutch people are jealous! Dutch seem especially jealous of other people’s appearance.

Men compare themselves with others in the field of talent. In addition, they compare themselves more than women on work related issues such as career and salary, according to a recent survey by Dutch magazine Nouveau.

Women look more at others in the area of emotional issues such as attention and friendship, but also external things like people’s character or style.

Dutch men and women regardless of age, have one thing in common: 35% of all respondents is jealous of other people’s talents, such as musicality, speaking a foreign language or a singing talent. Only one quarter of the people is never jealous.

People in their thirties are the most jealous in research and senior citizens are less jealous. Both men and women find that others often look better.

Money (72%) and houses (56%) are the most important things in the material world as a source of jealousy.

Lastly, 85% of women are easily jealous, compared with 75% of men.

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