Dutch Police hunt Cannabis Hemp growers with Canna Chopper

Dutch Police hunt Cannabis Hemp growers with Canna Chopper

The Canna Chopper is the latest addition of the Dutch police crime-fighting arsenal. It is a special mini helicopter in order to detect illegal Cannabis Hemp growers. This happened in the area of “De Achterhoek”. The so-called “Canna chopper” is equipped with odor and video detection which can trace hemp fields from the air.

Also Cannabis factories are not safe. The unmanned aircraft can stay in the air for several few hours. The Task Force for Organized hemp growers hopes that with the use of cannabis chopper they can combat illegal cannabis crop growers more effectively.

The Police uncovered a cannabis factory during the first test flight of the mini-helicopter. In the outskirts of Doetinchem, they discovered cannabis farm. Seven suspects were arrested and several kilos of hemp were intercepted.

The cultivation of Cannabis Hemp is big business in the Netherlands, with profits estimated to have reached over €2 billion in 2008 alone. Only around 10 percent of the crops are sold legally in the country’s many coffee shops, according to the Dutch police. The vast majority of it is smuggled abroad.

  • a.rowlands

    what a load of shit, have these guys got nothing better to do than fly around polluting our air.
    busting lot’s of inocent growers out ther’e. leve us alone bird.

  • Malcolm

    Awesome. 🙁 It works for law enforcement because busting pot growers is more exciting and an easier payoff than going over cold cases or solving unsolved murders/rapes/ etc. I am pro-pot but who can blame them for wanting to watch the T.V. from that thing instead of actually working. I would rather watch T.V. than work.

  • Nadia

    This is rubbish! Hemp is not even illegal !!!! Either Dutch Daily News must get their terminology right (hemp is fully legal to grow as it contains no THC, whereas marijuana is illegal to commercially grow or the police have simply done a huge blooper. I secretly hope for the latter, which would show what idiocy the police are demonstrating.

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  • Neil555666

    Its the same here in the UK, people getting beat up raped etc and the police dont do nothing, but any thing to do with pot and its a major operation, they are all posers,

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