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Dutch police tickets Gumball 3000 drivers for speeding‎

The Dutch National Police handed speeding tickets Saturday during the Gumball 3000 race, a large-scale rally event from London to New York.

The Dutch National Police Agency was prepared for the arrival of the rally drivers to Amsterdam, so checked intensively the time period when the drivers crossed from the Belgian border to the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The exact amount of the fines is unknown. It was also not known at the National Police Agency whether this year licenses were seized. Last week a Dutchman lost his Bugatti Veyron and license after speed violation.

The Gumball 3000 was received with an extremely warm welcome from the Dutch crowd. The day kicked off with the weird and wonderful Gumball cars lining up on the entry grid for all to see. A skate session from the one and only Tony Hawk, members of the Gumball skate team entertained the masses. As the day progressed the stars of the Gumball, Eve, Xzibit, and Idris Elba gathered to talk to the crowds.

2PM saw the flag drop and the Gumball cars set off on their way to Amsterdam. Once they arrived the Dutch fans made sure they knew they were in Holland. The Gumballers ended their first day at the legendary Club NL with performances from Jezebel, Johnny De Mol and DJ Fady Ferraye.

This year the race includes actor David Hasselhoff Knight Rider, Kill Bill actor Michael Madsen and rapper Xzibit. The rapper lost his license three years ago when he was in Gumball 3000 driving with more than 160 kilometers per hour on a spot where the maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour.

The 2010 rally will leave from London on 1st May before taking in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec City and Toronto before rounding off in New York seven long days and nights later. In addition to the entry fee of £30,000 have you got what it takes to take on the Spirit of the Gumball? We are also now offering the opportunity to enter either the European or US leg of the rally for £12,000.