Dutch population growing until 2020

Dutch population growing until 2020

The Dutch population continues to grow until 2020. Thereafter, the population is stable or smaller. That predicts the PBL in a report published Wednesday.

In the Randstad, the population is significantly larger than in the rest of the country. This will stay that way until 2020. After that year, the population growth in the Randstad will not climb nor drop.

In other parts of the Netherlands, such as Limburg, East Groningen and the Achterhoek, the population shrinks over the next year already

Because households are smaller still, on average, the number of temporary increase, and thus housing demand. In areas where the population continues to grow, the slowdown in the housing market will be over in a few years and the “exuberant price increases” in the nineties will not return


What will happen after 2020 is something the PBL cannot predict exactly. The PBL has created an optimistic and a pessimistic scenario. Between these are significant differences. Which version is true, depends on many factors under which economic development and more.

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