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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte very satisfied with first day of NSS

Speaking after the first day of the Nuclear Security Summit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “It was a good first day. As chairman of this NSS I’m very satisfied. This is only the halfway point, but I’m convinced we’ll be able to continue in the same excellent atmosphere tomorrow.”

Following the opening speeches, the 53 participating countries today presented their national statements, a number of them in the form of video statements. The statements demonstrated a broad determination to ensure that the NSS process is successful.

Mr. Rutte said: “We all have the same goal: to prevent nuclear terrorism.”

The 58 leaders then proceeded to discuss, on the basis of a fictitious but realistic scenario, what they would have to do if there was indeed a threat of nuclear materials falling into the wrong hands. What action would countries take individually and how would they cooperate at international level? How can such an incident be prevented? This is the first time that an interactive approach of this nature has been taken at such an extensive summit.

Tomorrow’s program includes a meeting at which leaders will discuss the future of the NSS process in an informal setting.

The Nuclear Security Summit will conclude on Tuesday with a press conference held by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and US President Barack Obama, as chairman of the next NSS in Washington in 2016.