Dutch Queen Beatrix in Turkey to celebrate 400 years of diplomatic relations

Dutch Queen Beatrix arrived in Turkey Wednesday for a two-day visit this week; the Dutch monarch will visit the Turkish capital of Ankara as well as the commercial hub of Istanbul between June 13 and 15.

The visit is part of the celebrations marking 400 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Turkey.

It’s the second time that Queen Beatrix has visited Turkey in the past five years; earlier this year Turkish President Abdullah Gül made a state visit to the Netherlands in April and this trip is in response to the Turkish state visit.

Queen Beatrix praised Turkey for the glorious past and the important role Turkey currently plays in the region and the world during the Turkish President last visit to the Netherlands.

Turkey is a stable factor in a turbulent region where existing powers and relationships are challenged, said the queen to Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Turkey is an example and inspiration for many people, said Queen Beatrix.

Turkish President Abdullah Gül and his spouse Hayrunnisa Gül were set to welcome Queen Beatrix at the Çankaya Presidential Residence in Ankara late yesterday. The president was also scheduled host a dinner in honor of the visiting queen. Queen Beatrix is scheduled to proceed to Istanbul today to meet with Turkish university students and scholars over lunch.

Queen Beatrix said she is very happy to be in Turkey for the festive celebrations of 400 years of diplomatic relations.

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