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Dutch Queen speaks on economic crisis

The impact of the financial crisis will be felt for a long time. But the government wants to help consumers and businesses to overcome the financial crisis, said Queen Beatrix on Tuesday, when holding the annual Speech from her Throne.

“The present time calls for hope and change,” said Beatrix.

The Queen began her speech to the General States about the global economic crisis instantly that the the Netherlands has been hit hard. “The speed of events was extreme” said Beatrix.

People are losing their jobs, the number of bankruptcies is increasing and the public finances show large deficits. The impact will be felt for a long time, the queen said, “but the government will not pass the bill on to future generations.”

In 2010, the deficit increased to six percent of gross domestic product.

One of the ways to cover the shortfall will be to increase taxes.

Photo by Pixel Addict