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Dutch roads among the safest in world

Dutch drivers are among the safest in the world, an international transport watchdog has revealed.

According to the Paris-based International Transport Forum’s findings, the number of people killed in traffic accidents in the Netherlands is the lowest out of 33 countries surveyed in what they described as a “record decade for road safety”.

And it would seem that there has been a significant fall in road deaths across the world, with 30 countries registering a decline in fatalities.

The dramatic decrease could lead to cheaper car insurance quotes as Dutch drivers now rank amongst the safest in the world.

Last year, there were 3.9 road deaths in the Netherlands per 100,000 inhabitants, while Malaysia had the highest death toll with 23.8.

Steep declines were also reported in Spain, Portugal and France, while America enjoyed its lowest road death toll for 60 years, with 11.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Foundation for Road Safety Research has no explanation for the fact that roads in the United States are less safe than most European countries. But the average use of much larger and heavier cars on American highways may play a role.

Weighted by road deaths per 100 000 inhabitants, the UK (3.8) did best in 2009, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands (both 3.9) and Israel (4.2). The highest traffic death rates according to this measure were recorded in Malaysia (23.8), Argentina (18.4) and Greece (13.8 – 2008 data).

In terms of road fatalities per billion kilometres driven, the risk of dying in a road accident was least in Sweden (5.1), followed by the UK (5.2) and Switzerland (5.6), while Korea recorded 20.1 deaths, the Czech Republic (19.4) and Malaysia (17.7) at the other end of the spectrum.