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Dutch-Russian collaboration on petrochemicals

The Dutch independent research organisation TNO is working with the renowned Russian A.V. Topchiev Institute for Petrochemical Synthesis (TIPS) on marketing a new technology to give flared-off gases a useful application. A new process converts the gas in different stages into hydrocarbon, with fuel the main application. The new method offers a whole range of benefits compared with the common, but nearly hundred-year old Fischer-Tropsch process.

TNO has had good relations with the Russian institute for some time, collaborating on a diversity of areas in the petrochemical field. TIPS is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has top-quality expertise of technologies in the fields of petrochemical engineering, oil refining, polymers, membrane and materials. TIPS has developed the new conversion method in recent years and has asked TNO to look for interested parties.

‘We already undertake research projects together on a regular basis but now we are complementing each other in a different way,’ says Dr. Jean-Marie Bassett, business development manager for TNO’s chemical sector. ‘TIPS does fundamental research while TNO develops applied knowledge. We have an extensive international network of industrial companies and research institutes, and know what their main interests are. Moreover, TIPS knows our reputation for project management, technological knowledge and marketing technologies.’

Source: TNO,