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Dutch self-employed without employees continues to grow

Half of the self-employed workers in the Netherlands are service providers without employees according to Statistics Netherlands.

In the first quarter van 2012 there were over 570 thousand self-employed service providers in the Netherlands without personnel. Almost half was highly educated, and the most common profession was business consultant.

Nearly seven out of ten self-employed operate without personnel

In the first quarter of 2012 there were nearly 1.1 million self-employed in the Netherlands. 68 percent of them did not employ personnel, about 28 percent did and over 3 percent was working in the family business. The number of self-employed without personnel has risen sharply in recent years, in part because more employees started their own business.

Most self-employed without personnel provide services
Nearly all self-employed without personnel who had previously worked as employees provide services, e.g. as consultants or in construction. There is also a group of self-employed without personnel who provide products, e.g. retailers or farmers. In the first quarter of 2012 over half of all were self-employed service providers without personnel.

Self-employed service providers without personnel are most commonly business consultants

Business or management consultant is the most common profession among the self-employed service providers without personnel. There are also many hairdressers and beauticians and professionals in construction, such as carpenters, painters and constructors. Medical professions are also high on the list, such as medical doctors and physiotherapists.