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Dutch Seniors Abroad Living a Richer Life

Dutch people who emigrate between the ages of 50 and 70 are on average richer than their peers who stayed in the Netherlands. The largest gap is found among married men belonging to the younger segment of the older generation. Divorced men who settle abroad are in fact poorer than their counterparts living in the Netherlands.

The number of Dutch emigrants aged 50 years or older has steadily grown since 2000. Nine in ten are in their fifties or sixties; over-70s rarely leave the Netherlands to settle elsewhere. Between 2000 and 2010, more than 56 thousand native Dutch in their fifties or sixties left the Netherlands. With 31 thousand, the number of native Dutch returning to the Netherlands is significantly lower. Net migration in this age category has been negative for a number of years now.

In 2008, the total personal capital of households of 50 to 69-year-old emigrants was nearly 10 percent higher than the personal capital of people in the same age category who stayed behind.

On average, emigrants belonging to the younger segment of the older generation are richer in almost every aspect. The average total value of their share portfolios is notably higher and the value of their immovable property, excluding their own houses is nearly twice as high. This is possibly because they own houses abroad. Their average debt, however, is also high relative to people who have not left the Netherlands.

source: cbs