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Dutch snowboarders rescued

Two Dutch snowboarders were able to get rescued in the French Alps by writing the emergency signal SOS in the snow.

According to local media they are around 20 years old.

The two Dutch snowboarders got in trouble when they became stuck on an off-limit snowboarding slope that was designated as closed to the public.

The two panicked when they were unable to go back because rocks barred their way.

They did not have a mobile phone on them when he became trapped. Therefore they decided to write a signal by stomping their boots in the snow.

They were rescued after attracting attention from people at a nearby track who saw the SOS sign and informed the emergency services.

The two Dutch were picked up unharmed by a helicopter.

Did you ever go out of bounds and off limits after fresh snowfalls, leaving the groomed slope behind and use trees as nature’s slalom gates?