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Dutch start special driving exam for those who fear test

The Dutch will start a special driving exam for people who suffer from acute test anxiety.

People with anxiety may be from June 1 special driving test pass. That the Central Office Skills Certificates Thursday. The exam is for candidates who fear their “normal actions and thoughts may block. The CBR has decided to introduce following a successful trial.

The anxiety test takes 80 minutes to 25 minutes longer than a normal driving test. This additional time a specially trained examiner will try to put test-takers at ease and prepares him or her for the ride. “This gives the candidate the room during the exam to take a timeout when the pressure gets too high,” said the CBR.

Some people flunk their driving tests because they can’t parallel park. Others flunk for not entering traffic safely. And an unlucky few flunk for fear of flunking itself. In response, the Netherlands has launched a special driving exam for people who suffer from acute test anxiety.

Examiners try to put test-takers at ease. The exam pace is leisurely, and drivers are allowed to take a “time out” if the pressure becomes too much for them.

But won’t this put people behind the wheel who are liable to freeze in the face of a stressful traffic situation?

No, spokeswoman Irene Heldens of the country’s Licensing Bureau said Thursday. Test anxiety is not linked to poor performance in real life.

“It will remain safe on the roads,” she said.