Dutch startup raises half a million Euros

Dutch startup raises half a million Euros

The startup Roamler has raised an investment of half a million euros, a month after its launch. A private investor acquired a minority interest within the company. With this investment Roamler aims to speed up its growth both nationally and internationally.

The mobile workforce Roamler enables members of the Roamler community to earn money by doing jobs on their iPhone. These jobs are set out by brands and companies. The past months the Municipality of Amsterdam, Heineken and Posterscope were among those to have set out jobs for the Roamler community. The Roamlers were asked to map places that waste energy, check the way their beer was served or take a picture of an inspiring poster. For every well executed assignment the Roamler receives points and cash. By saving up points the Roamler can get access to more complex assignments.

Ambition outside The Netherlands
Roamler wants to speed up national and international growth with the funds raised. The development division is expanding and has job openings for (mobile) developers among others. Moreover the existing Roamler community will grow as more Roamlers can join in. Initially, Roamler will focus on the Netherlands. As soon as has enough of a following and expericence, other countries will join. 

The overwhelming interest in Roamler is clear by the sign ups that keep coming in. Since June 19, over 2600 people have applied and are on the waiting list to take part in the Roamler community. Furthermore, there’ s a lot of interest in the corporate world to give out assignments to the Roamler participants. Still Roamler remains selective, considering only relevant, honest and transparent assignments. 

An average of 6 assignments per Roamler
After the first test phase with 50 Roamlers (The First Fifty), the community has grown to over 600 Roamlers. With around 3800 sent in assignments the average Roamler has completed over 6 jobs.

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