Voting begins in Dutch State elections

Voting begins in Dutch State elections

The Netherlands vote today for the Provincial Council, and indirectly for the Senate. The polling stations are open until nine hours tonight.

Everywhere in the country’s polling stations opened at 7:30 Wednesday morning for the elections of members of the Provincial Council.

In some places voters had already vote, such as a roadside restaurant near Lelystad, and a mobile polling station in Leeuwarden. The polls will close at nine o’clock Wednesday evening.

The elected members of provincial councils in turn choose Monday, May 23 Members of the Senate. In addition, they shall appoint the executive committee of public representation at provincial level: provincial executive.

The turnout in provincial elections has been falling for years; in 1995 the turnout was 50 percent (50.2).

Four years ago, 46.3 percent of eligible voters showed up.

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