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Dutch students build Walking fridge

The walking fridge from the Heineken commercial is real! Four Dutch students from mechatronics Breda have been inspired by the Heineken beer commercial and made themselves a walking robot refrigerator. They got a ten for their project.

“Only for lazy people” is the slogan of the Robofridge, writes the website of the newspaper Avans Hogeschool. The ingenious device, equipped with a camera and sensors, will walk straight to its goal and when it is asked to serve a chilled drink, the door opens and gives a cool drink.

The Robofridge was developed by Geert Zebregts, Jacco Haagh, Lettinga and Mike Rolf van Bruggen. They spend many holidays, evenings and weekends to build the fridge. But the result is great! Beer any one?

See the Walking fridge in action!