Dutch students flood universities in Belgium

Dutch students flood universities in Belgium

Universities in Belgium expect a flood of Dutch students.

Now studying in the Netherlands has become more expensive, the universities in Belgium are more attractive, reports “De Volkskrant”.

Master students won’t get study funding for next academic year. For more than one year delay, students must pay 3000 euro penalty. And a second master will cost 14,000 euros, if the government plans to continue. Studying across the border seems a financially more attractive alternative soon.

Low tuition
In Belgium all EU students pay the college a contribution of 570 euros per year. In The Netherlands it is already over 1600 Euro. In Belgium, delay penalties are imposed only in exceptional cases, writes De Volkskrant.

The newspaper cites several representatives from Belgian universities. Spokesman Tim Peeters of the Free University of Brussels says that many Dutch students informed about the possibilities to study in Belgium. “Already five percent of our students come from the Netherlands and we are preparing for even more applications.”

The number of students from the Netherlands has been increasing for years, according to University of Louvain. The University actively recruits abroad. Antwerp University told the Dutch newspaper that it will not actively recruit, out of fear to attract “eternal students”. The spokesman also said that above all fear that ‘second-class’ students to Belgium.

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