Dutch To Belgium For New Heart

About twenty Dutch patients get a new heart in Belgium each year.

By going to Belgium, they bypass the waiting lists in the Netherlands. Such practices harm Belgian patients, reports The Belgian newspaper De Standaard Monday.

In 2009 eighteen Belgian heart patients on a waiting list deceased, according to physician and former Senator Patrick Vankrunkelsven.

In Belgium everybody is an organ donor unless he or she objects. Belgium has thus more organ donors. The country has 26 donors per one million inhabitants.

In the Netherlands, where everybody needs to indicate that he or she is a donor, it’s barely half according to De Standaard.

Dutch patients come to Belgium for an organ. Meanwhile Belgian patients die on waiting lists. “Eventually that means the death knell for our system, ‘says Professor Johan Vanhaecke.

Dutch patients can come to Belgium, because both countries are part of Eurotransplant, an organization that tracks the data of patients and the amount of available organs.

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