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Dutch traffic fines increase

Notorious speed devils pay attention!: Dutch traffic fines will increase tomorrow. Most of the fines will be around 20 percents more expensive. The idea is “The more dangerous the offence, the more you will pay for your fine”.

Dutch Traffic Tickets Overview

  • Not carrying the seat belt costs 90 euro, instead of 75 euro.
  • Drunk Driving with a promillage up to 0.8 costs 250 euro instead of 220 euro.
  • Drunk driving with a promillages of 1 up to 1,15 the fine is 450 euro instead of 390 euro.
  • Using your phone while driving will now be 150 euro’s instead of 130 euro.

In 2007, a total of 12.6 million euro traffic fines was written out, 700,000 more than one year earlier.