Dutch TV ad sparks protests in Ukraine

Dutch TV ad sparks protests in Ukraine

A Dutch TV commercial has sparked a protest by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in connection with the Euro 2012 football championship in June.

The commercial warns Dutch women letting their husbands travel to Ukraine for Euro 2012 because they are likely to be seduced by Ukraine’s beautiful women.

­The “Keep him home” ad began airing on national television in the Netherlands in anticipation of this summer’s European football championships.

The Netherlands Energy Company offers a free beer tap to customers who sign up for its services. If Dutchmen were able to tap their own beer, the ad implies, they would be more likely to watch the games at home instead of travelling to Ukraine.

An internet search of “Ukrainian woman” shown in the ad results in hundreds of images of sexy women.

“We find this commercial discriminating, fuelling ethnic hatred and unfair to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people,” Aleksandr Dikusarov, Ukraine’s Foreing Ministry spokesman, is quoted by Vesti.ru as saying. “We’ll be vigorously pushing for such an ad to be removed from television.”

According to the official, “the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Netherlands has already met with representatives of the local football federation, who are sponsored by the company responsible for releasing the commercial.”

The Ukrainian women are renowned for their looks, with a recent survey from Traveller’s Digest calling the female residents of the capital Kiev the most beautiful on the planet.

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