Dutch TV hosts to engage in cannibalism, will eat each other

Dutch TV hosts to engage in cannibalism, will eat each other

Two Dutch TV hosts will tackle the burning question: what does human flesh taste like?

In a new BNN TV show Proefkonijnen (guinea pigs) Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno will attempt to answer questions from visitors by directly testing them in the studio.

Both TV hosts surgically removed tissue from the buttock at a private clinic in Brabant. The meat, with a size of about 2 to 3 inches, has been stored in a freezer. The two will consume each others meat in the first episode.

Video contains blood. Watch at your own risk!

  • Lunalander

    Beeing a Dutchman myself i strongly condemn this kind of television and i hope that our goverment or at least our televisionprogrammers will block this show and send the two nutters into an asylum for a considerable time to come. If u read this article please do not think they represent the regular Dutchman/European citizen. They represent all that is not right in two male packages.

  • M Abraham


  • John Doe

    I don’t think such media represents the average human being, never mind Dutchman. We have a global conspiracy to dehumanize the whole human race. In America similar depravities are being encouraged. The world is ruled by evil elites, and they have no restraint.

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