Dutch universities in top 100

Dutch universities in top 100

Five of the Netherlands’s top universities have scored highly in the world reputation rankings and are looking good for a further boost next year.

The University of TU Delft was ranked 51st best university in the world, the Dutch leader on the list which serves as the capstone of the prestigious World University Rankings.

The Universities of Amsterdam (71), Utrecht (78), Leiden (87) and Wageningen (100) also rank in the top 100. The United States and Britain top the list with respectively 44 and 10 listings on the list.

Harvard University is number one in the top 100 list of most reputable Universities as it did last year, according to data put together by The Times Higher Education and Thomson Reuters. Together with Japan, the Netherlands shares the third place and leave Countries like Germany, Australia and France fare behind.

The Netherlands can be proud that five Dutch universities are in the top 100 of the global reputation ranking for universities.

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